Challenge schedule

04/25/2022 Start of challenge

Release of training- and validation- data (with and without ground truth respectively).

06/15/2022 Release of test data (without ground truth) and validation labels

Release of test data (without ground truth) and validation labels. At this stage the participants can download an encrypted version of the test-data and validation labels a few days ahead of the release of the decryption key, to ensure that participants regardless of internet connectivity are on an equal footing.

06/17/2022 Start of test phase (end of development phase)

Release of the decryption key for test data and validation labels. Participants start predicting the results on the test data. At this stage they can retrain (or fine-tune) their models with the additional validation set, while still following the challenge rules. That is, training on the predefined and single day/week/month, depending on the associated track. Validation labels can only be used for hyper-parameter tuning and NOT for training.

06/24/2022 End of the Challenge

Deadline for submitting the final predictions over the test (evaluation) data.

06/26/2022 Code and fact sheets submission

  1. Deadline for Code submission with detailed instructions (known as "code verification stage"). This includes a list of requirements, pretrained models, and so on. Note, training code with instructions is also required. Organizers strongly encourage the use of docker to facilitate reproducibility.
  2. In addition to the code, participants are requested to submit the fact sheets using a template provided by the organizers.

Deadline timezone: Anywhere on Earth Time Zone - AOE

Additional details about code and fact sheets submission are provided in our challenge webpage, winning solutions (Post challenge) section.

07/07/2022 Release of final results

We encourage participants to submit a paper to the associated workshop, independently of their rank position.

  • Paper submission: – July 1st, 2022
  • Paper submission for challenge participants: – July 5th, 2022
  • Decision notification: – July 10th, 2022
  • Camera ready: – July 15th, 2022


ECCV2022 Seasons in Drift Challenge

The ChaLearn ECCV2022 Seasons in Drift Challenge has just opened on Codalab. Join us to push the boundaries of thermal object detection along with concept drift on the largest annotated public thermal database.