Dataset description

This database includes 47933 RGB-D gesture videos (about 9G). Each RGB-D video represents one gesture only, and there are 249 gestures labels performed by 21 different individuals.

The database has been divided to three sub-datasets for the convenience of using, and these three subsets are mutually exclusive.

The test protocol are shown in the above table, which includes three subsets: train.txt for training set, valid.txt for validation set and test.txt for testing set.

train.txt ==> Training Set . Each row format: RGB_video_name depth_video_name GestureLabel

valid.txt ==> Validation Set. Each row format: RGB_video_name depth_video_name

test.txt ==> Testing Set. Each row fromat: RGB_videoname depth_video_name

The validation and testing sets are only provided the samples, no labels. Gesure labels are ranged from 1 to 249, if labels of videos were provided for that sub-dataset. Please note that the index of the labels starts from 1.


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