Challenge schedule

05/18/2021 Dataset access request period open

How to get access to the data? Check it here.

06/01/2021 Start of the Challenge (development phase)

Release of training (with ground truth) data.

06/15/2021 Release of validation data (without ground truth)

09/01/2021 Start of test phase (End of development phase)

Release of test data (and validation labels) decryption keys. Participants start predicting the results on the test data. At this stage, they can retrain (or fine-tune) their models with the additional validation data/labels.

IMPORTANT: To prevent participants from improving their score on the final (test) phase by trial and error, the maximum number of submissions per participant (per track) will be set to 3. Participants are not allowed to create multiple accounts to make additional submissions. The organizers may disqualify suspicious submissions that do not follow this rule.

09/01/2021 Release of encrypted test data (+validation labels)

At this stage, participants can download the test data and validation labels, both encrypted. The encryption key will be released in on September 3rd, 2021. With the encryption-decryption strategy, we ensure participants with lower-speed Internet connection are at no disadvantage.

09/17/2021 End of the Competition

Deadline for submitting the final predictions over the test (evaluation) data.

09/22/2021 Code and fact sheets submission

Code: Deadline for code submission with detailed instructions (known as “code verification stage”).

Fact Sheets: In addition to the code, participants are requested to submit the fact sheets using a template provided by the organizers.

Please, check detailed instructions in "Winning solutions (post-challenge)".

09/30/2021 Release of final results

We encourage participants to submit a paper to the associated workshop, independently of their rank position.


- Codalab will use UTC for all competition tracks/phases -


DYAD@ICCV2021 Dataset access rules updated

It is now possible to request dataset access using a digital certificate! Please check the updated instructions here.

DYAD@ICCV2021 Validation set released

The masked-out validation set is available now for download.

DYAD@ICCV2021 Dataset access rules

The dataset access rules have been updated! Please check them out here.

ICCV 2021 Challenge

The ChaLearn Looking at People Understanding Social Behavior in Dyadic and Small Group Interactions Challenge webpage has been released.