Challenge schedule

11/20/2018 Beginning of the quantitative competition

Beginning of the quantitative competition, release of development and validation data.

03/10/2019 Release of encrypted final evaluation data

Release of encrypted final evaluation data. Participants can start training their methods with the whole data set.

03/15/2019 Deadline for code submission.

03/16/2019 Release of final evaluation data decryption key

Participants start predicting the results on the final evaluation data.

03/20/2019 End of the quantitative competition

Deadline for submitting the predictions over the final evaluation data. The organizers start the code verification by running it on the final evaluation data.

03/22/2019 Deadline for submitting the fact sheets

03/25/2019 Release of the verification results

Participants are invited to follow the paper submission guide for submitting contest papers.

03/30/2019 Paper submission deadline


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