Track description

As part of the speeds interviews project, we are organizing a challenge on “first impressions”, in which participants will develop solutions for recognizing personality traits of users in short video sequences. We are making available a large newly collected data set sponsored by Microsoft of 10,000 videos of about 15-seconds each collected from YouTube, annotated with personality traits by AMT workers.

For each video sample, RGB and audio information are provided, as well as continuous ground-truth values for each of the 5 Big Five Traits.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

A more detailed information is provided on the data section of the competition.


Provided Resources

  • Scripts: With the data, the organizers provides a set of scripts to facilitate the access to the data and use the evaluation metrics. More information is provided on the data page.
  • Contact: In order to clarify any doubt or to ask general assistance, you can use the forum of the competition. You can contact the organizers


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